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Why Is People2.0 on My Paycheck? 


How EOR/AOR Services Support You as a Contingent Worker 

If you’ve recently started working on a contract or otherwise non-permanent basis, you might have noticed that your paycheck is not issued by the company you are working for. Instead, you may see names like: 

  • People2.0 
  • Ayers Group 
  • Brookson 
  • CapitalGES 
  • Dutch Umbrella Company 
  • Entity Solutions 
  • German Umbrella Company 
  • Husys
  • Relocation Source 
  • Swiss Umbrella Company 
  • TCP Solutions
  • WePayPeople

But who exactly are these companies and how are they involved? Let us clear up the confusion. In this blog post, we explain the role that People2.0 and similar or affiliated companies play in your employment process. 

Breaking Down the Terms 

Before we explain our role, let’s clarify a few terms: 

  • Talent Suppliers: A talent supplier is a company that helps businesses find and hire suitable employees for both temporary and permanent jobs. They connect you, the worker, with companies looking for someone with your skills. 
  • Contingent Workers: This term refers to workers who are not on the permanent payroll of the company they are working for. This includes but is not limited to temporary workers, freelancers, and contractors. If your paycheck comes from People2.0, you might be a contingent worker. 

Now, let’s move on to explaining our role. 

What Does People2.0 Do? 

People2.0 and similar or related companies work as partners to talent suppliers. As employer of record (EOR) or agent of record (AOR), we offer support and services that allow these agencies to focus on their main task – connecting workers like you with companies that need your skills. 

Our services include taking care of administrative tasks associated with employment and worker classification. This means we handle things like making sure you get paid, dealing with taxes, ensuring you get the benefits you’re entitled to, and keeping up with labor laws in multiple countries. 

Why do we do this? By taking care of these tasks, we free up talent suppliers to do what they do best – finding great job opportunities. This leads to more job placements in more places, which means more chances for you to find work that suits your skillset and ambitions. 

How Does This Benefit You? 

Working with a company like People2.0 offers several benefits for you as a contingent worker: 

  • Timely Payments: We know how important your financial stability is to you. This is why we handle the complex task of managing payroll for talent suppliers, ensuring that you receive fair and prompt compensation. Our expertise in payroll services guarantees that you get paid accurately and on time, every time. 
  • Compliance and Support: As your EOR or AOR, we handle all the administrative tasks associated with your employment. This includes ensuring that all labor laws are followed, that you’re paid accurately and on time, and that you receive the benefits you are legally entitled to. 
  • Access to More Opportunities: We enable talent suppliers to offer more than just permanent placements. With our support, they can also provide temporary or contract work and independent contracting roles. This means you have access to a wider range of job opportunities, including short-term assignments that could potentially turn into permanent employment. 
  • Opportunities in More Locations: Working in different locations or countries comes with its own set of complexities. As your EOR or AOR, we manage these intricacies, enabling talent suppliers to place you with companies worldwide. Whether you work locally, remotely, or travel for placements, we ensure your work arrangement is legal and hassle-free. 
  • More Consistent Employment: Our partnership ensures that talent suppliers can respond to more business requests and re-engage with previous clients. This generates a steady flow of job placements, which translates to more consistent employment opportunities for you. 
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Our collaboration with talent suppliers opens access to a broader pool of candidates, both locally and globally. This allows them to find the ideal fit for each job, regardless of geographical boundaries, cultural differences, or individual career paths. By removing these barriers, we make it possible for every qualified candidate to be considered for roles that match their skills and experience. This creates a more level playing field, which not only expands the talent pool for talent suppliers but also nurtures a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 
  • Peace of Mind: Perhaps most importantly, our work ensures that you have peace of mind. You can be confident that your paycheck will arrive on time, and that any issues related to your employment will be handled by an experienced and reliable partner. 

In short, People2.0 ensures that talent suppliers can focus on connecting you with the best job opportunities while we take care of the administrative details. This partnership not only provides you with a wider range of job opportunities but also ensures your rights are protected and that you receive your pay and benefits on time. So, the next time you see People2.0 on your paycheck, know that it represents our commitment to making your work experience as smooth and ethical as possible. 

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