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​​Legislative Update: Navigating California’s Workplace Violence Prevention Legislation


What California Employers Need to Know About New Workplace Violence Law 

Understanding the Legislation 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workplace violence is the second leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States, impacting nearly two million American workers annually. Last year, California Governor Newsom signed the Workplace Violence Prevention Law, which will address this issue by mandating employers with 10 or more employees to implement basic anti-violence protections in the workplace starting July 1​​​​, 2024. 

Ensuring our partners have the information and resources they need is a core focus at People2.0. In line with this commitment, here’s what you should know about the legislation, which will impact how California businesses operate. 

Unpacking the California Workplace Violence Prevention Legislation 

The California Workplace Violence Prevention Law aims to create safer work environments and provide clear guidelines for addressing violence across all industries. Its primary goals are to enhance employee safety by mitigating violence risks and establishing protocols for prevention and support. 

Employers must develop comprehensive workplace violence prevention plans tailored to their organizations, conduct risk assessments to identify potential hazards, and implement detailed prevention strategies. The law mandates employee training on recognizing and responding to threats, a confidential process for reporting incidents, and procedures to support affected employees, including counseling. 

This law applies to all California employers, regardless of industry, with mandatory compliance and penalties for violations. It covers all forms of violence, including verbal threats and harassment, not just physical violence. Employers must understand these requirements to enhance safety and mitigate legal risks. 

Challenges and Advantages of the Violence Prevention Law 

The California Workplace Violence Prevention Legislation will significantly impact business operations by increasing employer responsibility for workplace safety. Compliance may require adjusting procedures and implementing comprehensive prevention plans and training programs, which have financial implications related to the cost of training, payment to employees for the time spent in training as well as the cost of putting the program in place and maintaining it going forward. 

Businesses must develop tailored violence prevention plans, conduct mandatory training, and establish confidential incident reporting mechanisms. 

While the law imposes new obligations, it also offers opportunities to enhance workplace culture, improve morale, job satisfaction, and staff retention. Proactive safety measures demonstrate commitment, boosting reputation and appeal to top talent. 

Companies should review the legislation’s requirements and integrate necessary changes to ensure compliance and drive positive operational improvements. 

How People2.0 Can Help 

At People2.0, we prioritize keeping our partners informed and compliant with the latest legislative changes impacting the workforce. In line with California’s new Workplace Violence Prevention Law, we have taken proactive measures to ensure seamless compliance for our customers. 

We have shared comprehensive resources with our existing customers, including detailed communications outlining the law’s requirements, workplace violence training resources, and guidelines for tracking and reporting incidents. Additionally, we have taken immediate action train current employees to ensure immediate adherence to new mandates. 

As your trusted workforce partner, People2.0 will continue to provide ongoing back-office support for your contingent workforce while ensuring full compliance with California’s workplace violence prevention legislation. We’ll work closely with you to implement tailored violence prevention plans, conduct risk assessments, and facilitate mandatory employee training. 

Navigating Compliance Together

At People2.0, we are more than just a service provider – we’re your partner navigating the evolving workforce landscape. By staying proactive on legislative changes like California’s new workplace violence law, we collaboratively ensure your business remains compliant and thrives. Together, we are shaping the responsible future of work. 

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